Building Learning Agile Leaders and Organizations

Empowering Leaders for Tomorrow's Challenges

The actions of leaders ripple throughout their organization. Research demonstrates a significant relationship between organizations’ leadership practices and financial performance. Leadership impacts virtually every aspect of business performance, including employee engagement, productivity, customer relationships, sales, and profitability. The success of any endeavor is dependent on the quality of leadership.

At Schmidt Harvey Consulting, we understand that there is nothing more important to your business success than strong, agile leadership. Whether an organization is just getting started or fully mature, leadership and learning agility are critical determinants of competitiveness in business today. And because of the pace of change, organizations and all their team members must be more agile and resilient than ever before.

Schmidt Harvey Consulting can help

Building Learning Agile Leaders

During the dynamic times we live in, leaders must be learning agile. In fact, learning agility is one of the best predictors of leadership success! Schmidt Harvey Consulting can support you in selecting and developing learning agile leaders to both survive and thrive.

Strong Leadership Pipelines

An organization’s sustainability is dependent on the strength of its leadership pipeline. Yet, year after year, surveys show that having an adequate pipeline of leaders is one of the top concerns of CEOs and boards of directors. Schmidt Harvey Consulting can assist you in identifying the leadership talent needed, provide valid, objective leadership assessments, and accelerate the development of leaders through coaching and evidence-based processes.

Agile, Change Resilient Organizations

All of us are constantly bombarded by change – sometimes minor, sometimes massive; some expected, and others blindside us. While some changes are by personal choice, other changes are forced upon us. Change is unstoppable, and both individuals and organizations must be learning agile and change resilient. Schmidt Harvey Consulting can help you assess how individuals within your organization respond to change and support you in developing change resilience.