Learning Agile Leaders

Schmidt Harvey Consulting specializes in the assessment and development of learning agility. Learning agility is about being intentional about learning from all our experiences. It includes the strategies and habits that enable learning at an accelerated pace, facilitate more agile adaptation to dynamic conditions and result in more effective leadership.

Learning Agility Assessment

The TALENTx7® is a powerful assessment of learning agility that provides critical insights into an individual’s current learning agility. Harnessing leaders’ strengths as agile learners and developing those facets of learning agility that may be weaker can increase leadership effectiveness in the short term and the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances over the long term.

Certification can also be provided to internal and external coaches and talent management professionals to independently deliver the TALENTx7® Assessment. Live certification can be conducted on-site in groups of 6-12 or virtually in groups of 1-4.

Learning Agility Coaching and Development

Venturing outside of one’s comfort zone requires dedication, discipline, and a strong desire to change. It also requires assistance on which behaviors to change and guidance on how one can change them. Coaching for learning agility involves focusing on target capability areas while concurrently developing learning agility.

Becoming Learning Agile™ On-Site or Virtual Workshops

Workshops allow leaders to learn the Learning Agile™ Process and Behaviors in a group setting. An overview workshop can be conducted as well as in-depth experiential modules that address each aspect of learning by 1) Observing, 2) Doing, 3) Connecting, 4) Thinking, and 5) Mobilizing. Workshops can be done face-to-face or virtually and can be paired with a learning agility assessment.

Learning Agile Teams and Organizations

Becoming more learning agile as a team can support adaptation to change and the development of a learning agile culture. An assessment of learning agility is integrated into an interactive workshop format that can be delivered virtually or on-site. It can support the formation of new teams, strengthen intact teams or jump-start struggling or stagnant teams.

Organizations can evaluate how well their culture currently supports learning agility using the Agile Learning Survey™ either as part of an existing organizational survey (e.g., annual engagement survey) or as a stand-alone instrument. Consulting is provided to assist talent management leaders and teams in determining how to better support the development of learning agility in their organization.