Change Resilience

Organizations are faced with the need to constantly change to survive without ignoring the needs of a workforce that may be overwhelmed by change. Schmidt Harvey Consulting can assist organizations in understanding how individuals and teams respond in different ways to change. This allows change strategies to be better tailored to address the unique needs of individual employees and provide a competitive advantage.

The Continuum™ Assessment

Organizations able to assess individuals’ responses to change can better prepare to manage these differences. The CONTINUUM™ Assessment was developed specifically to support organizations in the following ways:

  • Provide analytics for predicting how individuals and teams are likely to react to change;
  • Better equip organizations to tailor strategies for navigating change at both the individual and group levels; and
  • Help individuals become more aware of their own tendencies so that they can be empowered to respond in healthy, productive ways rather than feeling like a victim of change.
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Developing Change Resilience

When change is not successful, it is often blamed on employee resistance. However, it may be less about resistance and much more about individuals and organizations lacking in change resilience. The Continuum™ assessment can be paired with workshops to support individuals and teams in developing change resilience.