Leadership Assessment, Development and Coaching

Schmidt Harvey Consulting can assist you in 1) profiling the requirements for success in key leadership roles; 2) assessing leaders both for hiring into key roles and evaluating the current pipeline of leadership talent; and 3) and accelerate development through one-on-one coaching and/or systematic group programs.

Leadership Success Profiling

Schmidt Harvey Consulting has extensive experience identifying the attributes and profiles needed for success in leadership roles.

  • In-depth interviews or surveys with board members, owners, leaders, and employees to determine the business challenges faced and the leadership capabilities required to address them, both now and in the future
  • Success profiles that articulate the skills, abilities and attributes required for specific roles or unique organizational challenges.
  • Design of the leadership capability framework needed broadly or for specific levels within the organization, from enterprise leadership to front-line supervisors
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Multi-Method Assessment

Schmidt Harvey Consulting conducted hundreds of multi-method assessments for many of the most respected organizations in the worlds.
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  • Configuration and delivery of objective leadership assessment process, including personality tests, ability tests, simulations, and interviews
  • Certified in instruments including Facet5™, ADEPT-15™, Hogan, the TALENTx7™, Continuum™ and others.
  • Web-based multi-rater (360) feedback surveys or interviews that provide data on how leadership behavior is perceived by manager(s), peers and direct reports
  • Administration options including web, video, phone and/or face-to-face
  • Individual assessment reports that provide the level of information needed for both decision-making and leadership development
  • Aggregate group reports that provide insights on strengths and development needs across leadership groups, levels, functions or locations

Accelerated Leadership Development Processes

Schmidt Harvey Consulting can support the acceleration of leader development through tailored or custom programs integrating practices known to have the greatest impact on growth.

  • Evaluation of existing leadership development programs
  • Facilitator-led training modules, action learning processes and other leadership development tools that can be easily tailored and configured
  • Design and implementation of cohesive, multi-method leadership development programs to facilitate accelerated growth of leadership cohorts
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Leadership Coaching

Schmidt Harvey Consulting provide the coaching support needed to help leaders grow.

  • Individual leadership coaching either face-to-face, virtual or a combination
  • Individual development planning to accelerate leadership growth
  • Development resources, including suggestions for on-the-job learning, learning from others, reading assignments, websites, self-assessments, videos, and other learning tools
  • Certified through the wbecs Accelerating Coach Excellence Program